The Real Bio

Im a smart black kid who tells it how it is. I don't bullshit or fabricate facts. If I don't know something, I get off my ass and I look it up.

Im a man of God, athlete, musician (Classical to Hip-hop trumpeter, singer, MC and songwriter), philosopher, scholar, poet, recreational fighter, semi professional gamer, writer, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Short and sweet I made a conscious decision at the age of 4 I would be a product of my imagination not my environment.
This blog exists for 2 reasons.

1 - To show you that you can do it too.

2 - Cause I always perform best when I have an audience.

Without any further a due, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

G.O.M.D 2011

Imma let this man do all this talking.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Frontin has been around since...well ever. Sad thing is almost everyone does it. Some more than others tho. (AJ why are you talkin about shit that everybody knows about? You think you're so smart? THIS ISN'T NEW!!) Check this tho. People wanna belong to something and be respected SOOOOO BAD they'll look up just enough information on the topic to fool the average less informed person. Alot of people nowadays say "I ONLY FUCK WITH THAT OLD SCHOOL WEST COAST SHIT! TU PAC, DRE, SNOOP AND THE 90'S CALI IS HOW I ROLL." And the best of these types can name you alot of their old mainstream hits along with some unknown bangers. HOWEVER. Get them in the arena with a hardcore music head like me and ill say something like " know that TUPAC was born in Harlem right? And he got started as a roadie for Digital east coast - hipvibe - party group. Don't believe me?

Your "Hardcore Gangsta Rapper" was a positive vibe MC...the same shit you turn off when you hear. Sounds like you're frontin trying to be tough for respect and bitches if you ask me..." I hate when people say "I ONLY listen to west coast" cause that just shows how little they really know. They make the rest up with how confident they claim their "facts" and how affirmative (positive in what they say) they appear to be. To get fooled people. If you are really interested in something do research and LOOK IT UP YOURSELF and don't be satisfied until you get the answer you want. Don't settle for bullshit just because that's all there seems to be. GET WHAT YOU WANT. DONT STOP!

Moral of the story: If you're not an expert on something but you have an interest in it, be humbled by your ignorance and let the lack of what you know feed your fire to learn more...cause I can tell you from experience there's very few feeling that are less shameful then thinking you're the hot shit at something then getting put in your place by someone less merciful in front of an audience.

I love all yall and wish you all the best. On the real every one of you is in my prayers. Imma let the Tribe take me out now...

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Welcome back baby....we missed you" (Sexy lady voice from Dom Kennedy's "In Memory Of") "From the Westside With Love" Track 1 if you wanna hear what im talking about. It's been awhile realness fathful. I've had some growing pains, reevaluated whether or not I was gunna keep the blog, keep on raping, or keep on keeping to quiet honest. But rest assured, the answers yes for all of the above.

I've been waiting on some inspiration for this post, anything you do in life you should do 100%+. I care more about cheating myself then you guys I'll be honest, but you were thought of so this wasn't "Lyrical Masturbartion" ( if you wanna know what I mean damn I'm on fire with plugs today)

Anyways on to those post yeah? Being classically trained, I get ALOT of shit from other classically trained musicians because I like rap. They say someone forgot to put the C in front of it cause thats what it is. And honestly I really cant blame them. Our standards for what is good music have decreased DRAMATICALLY over these last decades. We have a new generation with all the tools and opportunity but know history.Know knowledge on the classics. Blind leading the blind is the term? Fortunately I can see thank God. So I'm gunna give my opinion on the matter.

 With the acronym R.A.P you have two different things. Mental and Spiritual (R)ape with (A) (P)en and beautiful enlightening (R)hythm (A)nd (P)oetry. Artists who are conscious about global affairs or spiritual divinity take knowledge, give it poetic form, fuse (key word FUSE not make it fit) it with rhythm, add voice tonality for emotional effect, decreshando and creshando (get softer and get louder), accent, and merge all of these things along side instrumentation, or sometimes without it to create a link to their mind and ut you within their world so you can see what they see, feel  what they feel and think about what puzzles them. On top of that, some are gifted enough to spontaneously improvise just like jazz musicians pulling solely on their emotions, thoughts, facts,opinions, and life experiences.  Last time I checked that fits the description of art to a T.

Exaplmes of such poets are..(You can go on youtube and look any of these guys up)

                                                                        Lupe Fiasco

                                                                           Mos Def

          If you can put yourself in his shoes and his lifestyle and really hear what hes saying, Tupac Shakur

                                            New comer and fresh perspective Kendrick Lamar

Now I understand that musicians have to eat to and at the end of the day thats what they make this music for. Im founded in the old school Jazz musician notion where if you dont play you dont eat so believe me I get it. However...when you all your music about money, violence, sex, alcohol, and ego stroking...well I gotta cut the line there. You wont find these rapists on meganslaw, but rest assured they ARE getting inside your soul and mind if you support them. I won't post pictures of these guys cause frankly it isn't worth the energy i use to double click.

Some offenders include Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, 95% Of rappers in the game now aday, and a whole lot of other fucks i won't waste time writing about. I understand you gotta get paid, but stop getting paid off of other people's expenses. Music is powerful. Some people live their lives by it. If someone gets caught up in the chase of ill gotten goods because of your music and holds it as an idol and harm comes to them, you played a part. Freewill (see my freewill section) is defiantly a factor, but at the end of the day, you were involved in them being led astray.

Moral of this post, listen to any music that is obviously heart felt, well done, with good intentions. And whatever you do....PLEASE don't get in the habit of making excuses. Not for yourself or anyone else...thats how you get shitted on and that's real.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


There comes a time in life when you realize you can't hold the world or the people in it to your own standards. If you try to do so, the pressure will cause you endless unrest to the point where you cant even meet your own expectations. In order for ANYONE to grow freewill MUST be respected. It is truly one of the greatest gifts God has blessed us with. Its what seperates men from angels, what gives humanity its deepest points of beauty along with its greatest abominations. To restrict someones freewill is a crime against life itself. Even if their decisions are wrong, let them make them and learn, for history will tell us that the more we try to supress people and take away their freedoms the more animalistic and savage they act.

You know me I gotta go deep on em. Cant stop wont stop don't ever quit was what my pops had me saying at 6 so what do you expect lol. How about a picture thats introspective?

Friday, September 17, 2010


Its all that stands in your way. A human being is nothing without his mind and soul, therefore the flesh and outward apperances are of less importance then we think. This is a fact fighters and soilders know well. But you can apply this to anything in life. Master your mindset and you take a huge step towards mastering yourself. You can do this by:

Never doubting yourself

When reaching a wall or problem, cut out the panic and demorilaztion. Simply adapt to the situation

The as positive as you possibly can. Give good and get good.

Guard the closest inner circle of people in your life with your life. Build this into the person you want to be.

No matter how small a step forward acknoledge it as progress. Never look back and keep going forward.

If your naturally very ambitious, angry, sad, excited, curious, viscious, or any nature, find a way to control it and have it work for the greatest good in your life you possibly can while doing the least hurt to others.

You'll be ok I have faith.

-God Bless and keep your head up

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Ode about being carless in Southern California

So for the past 6 months everytime I was supposed to get a car something existential in life came up and prohibited was like God was saying "SYKE gotcha nigga" it stopped being cool after the 3rd time. I dont wanna say when im supposed to get it now cause history has taught me to keep my mouth shut, but I've got to wait for a F.A.S.F.A check to get my ride. My pops could get me a car yeah...but hes a marine so he won't. I don't think he understands....

Ladies dont give up any ass to the nigga with a bus pass -.-

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Something thats taken me a long time in life to master but i pretty much have a grip on it now. Often people will set goals and stick with them but along the way they lose this. Life distracts us and before we know it our hopes and dreams get discarded and thrown away...the more you do this the easier it is to give up on anything in life period until apathy becomes apart of who you are. Im telling you this from pure life experience trust me. In order to gain focus you must simpify and consalidate your life. This is as simple as changing your mindset. Realize what your prioritys in life are, what you literally MUST do. Once you get those in order living becomes alot easier. If you can consolidate those things even further than by all means go ahead. Instaed of "1)Clean house 2)Pay rent 3)get food" just say 1)take care of home. The simplier you can make focus on the future. See yourself everyday as a work in progress thats constantly getting better to keep a positive mindset and youll be just fine.

life the deeper you can get into it, the more enjoyment you get out of it, the easier it is to set a goal and stay
God Bless and have a good 1. Heres a random pic. Yeah i know its lame but it made me laugh.